Insider Sentiment Summary: Energy

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CompanyIndustryLast Net Buy AmountPrevious Net Buy AmountChange
Dcp Midstream, LpOil & Gas Pipelines$1.03B--$1.03B  
Antero Resources CorpOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($43.94M)($440.95M)$397.01M  
Rice Energy Inc.Independent Oil & Gas($7.18M)($297.98M)$290.80M  
Antero Midstream Partners LpOil & Gas Pipelines($2.92M)($179.21M)$176.29M  
Phillips 66 Partners LpOil & Gas Refining & Marketing$186.53M$23.52M$163.01M  
Rsp Permian, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($25.13M)($179.08M)$153.94M  
Jones Energy, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas$24.73M($51.22M)$75.95M  
Markwest Energy Partners L POil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($71.38M)$71.38M  
Diamondback Energy, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas($22.86M)($84.93M)$62.07M  
Cone Midstream Partners LpOil & Gas Pipelines$52.97M($5.72K)$52.98M  
Cameron International CorpOil & Gas Equipment & Services--($46.36M)$46.36M  
Range Resources - Louisiana, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($5.22M)($40.31M)$35.09M  
Viper Energy Partners LpIndependent Oil & Gas$31.35M$181.16K$31.17M  
Western Refining, Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing$24.61M($5.91M)$30.53M  
Delek Logistics Partners, LpIndependent Oil & Gas$11.41M($2.14M)$13.55M  
ConocophillipsMajor Integrated Oil & Gas($5.23M)($18.50M)$13.27M  
Magnum Hunter Resources CorpOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($12.40M)$12.40M  
Anadarko Petroleum CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($1.93M)($13.77M)$11.84M  
Nustar Energy L.P.Oil & Gas Pipelines$20.50M$9.39M$11.12M  
Chesapeake Energy CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$10.97M$208.41K$10.76M  
Par Pacific Holdings, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas($8.75M)($18.52M)$9.77M  
Marathon Petroleum CorpOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($6.20M)($15.09M)$8.89M  
Range Resources CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$7.32M($1.57M)$8.89M  
Hollyfrontier CorpOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($5.28M)($14.14M)$8.85M  
AndeavorOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($8.32M)($16.10M)$7.77M  
Weatherford International PlcOil & Gas Equipment & Services($605.47K)($8.21M)$7.61M  
Sandridge Energy IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$7.49M$68.11K$7.42M  
Western Refining Logistics, LpOil & Gas Pipelines$10.53M$3.57M$6.96M  
Cobalt International Energy, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($482.89K)($7.03M)$6.55M  
Laredo Petroleum, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas$7.97M$1.48M$6.48M  
Clayton Williams Energy Inc /deIndependent Oil & Gas$8.84M$3.48M$5.35M  
Cimarex Energy CoIndependent Oil & Gas($32.28M)($37.57M)$5.28M  
Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas$4.85M($221.21K)$5.07M  
Cabot Oil & Gas CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($1.19M)($6.02M)$4.82M  
Oil States International, IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services($2.06M)($6.23M)$4.17M  
Midstates Petroleum Company, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas($242.91K)($4.23M)$3.99M  
W&t Offshore IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$3.17M($276.93K)$3.45M  
Williams Companies IncOil & Gas Pipelines($3.64M)($6.79M)$3.15M  
Technipfmc PlcOil & Gas Equipment & Services$3.13M--$3.13M  
Eclipse Resources CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$2.92M($26.29K)$2.95M  
Sm Energy CoIndependent Oil & Gas$3.19M$278.32K$2.91M  
Denbury Resources IncIndependent Oil & Gas$3.99M$1.29M$2.69M  
Regency Energy Partners LpOil & Gas Pipelines--($2.41M)$2.41M  
Pbf Energy Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing$2.04M($318.27K)$2.36M  
Eqt Midstream Partners, LpMajor Integrated Oil & Gas($76.53K)($2.30M)$2.22M  
Northern Tier Energy LpOil & Gas Refining & Marketing--($2.15M)$2.15M  
Tengasco IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$1.97M--$1.97M  
Concho Resources IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($27.50M)($29.47M)$1.97M  
Gulfmark Offshore IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services$2.15M$189.20K$1.96M  
Alon Usa Energy, Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing($5.04M)($6.99M)$1.95M  
Semgroup CorpOil & Gas Pipelines$24.28K($1.88M)$1.90M  
Pdc Energy, Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing($13.21M)($15.06M)$1.85M  
Linn Energy, LLCIndependent Oil & Gas--($1.72M)$1.72M  
North American Energy Partners Inc.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services--($1.35M)$1.35M  
Targa Resources Partners LpOil & Gas Pipelines--($1.21M)$1.21M  
Core Laboratories N VOil & Gas Equipment & Services($2.86M)($4.06M)$1.20M  
Natural Gas Services Group IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services$466.96K($588.74K)$1.06M  
Ngl Energy Partners LpIndependent Oil & Gas($41.64K)($1.06M)$1.01M  
Genie Energy Ltd.Independent Oil & Gas($599.82K)($1.58M)$982.70K  
Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing$1.22M$267.50K$947.69K  
Fx Energy IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($924.84K)$924.84K  
Trecora ResourcesOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($97.40K)($947.32K)$849.92K  
Superior Drilling Products, Inc.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services$1.17M$321.76K$844.67K  
C&j Energy Services, Inc.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services($19.83K)($815.10K)$795.27K  
California Resources CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($541.07K)($1.31M)$766.49K  
Callon Petroleum CoIndependent Oil & Gas($7.16M)($7.89M)$732.72K  
Earthstone Energy IncIndependent Oil & Gas$756.00K$117.20K$638.80K  
Forbes Energy Services Ltd.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services($58.60K)($696.77K)$638.17K  
Gran Tierra Energy Inc.Independent Oil & Gas$910.56K$300.75K$609.81K  
Genesis Energy LpOil & Gas Pipelines($2.44M)($3.04M)$600.69K  
Andeavor Logistics LpOil & Gas Pipelines($204.11K)($750.16K)$546.05K  
Eqt Gp Holdings, LpMajor Integrated Oil & Gas--($493.25K)$493.25K  
Primeenergy CorpIndependent Oil & Gas--($486.54K)$486.54K  
Src Energy Inc.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services($155.87K)($560.92K)$405.05K  
Apache CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($1.91M)($2.31M)$402.01K  
Tesco CorpOil & Gas Equipment & Services$189.08K($212.41K)$401.49K  
Petroquest Energy IncIndependent Oil & Gas$152.33K($239.45K)$391.77K  
Hercules Offshore, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$340.42K($48.28K)$388.70K  
Penn Virginia CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($1.54K)($386.72K)$385.17K  
Valero Energy Corp/txOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($13.00M)($13.30M)$301.99K  
Evolution Petroleum CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$69.12K($226.34K)$295.46K  
Yuma Energy, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas$275.11K--$275.11K  
Zonzia Media, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($250.00K)$250.00K  
Rose Rock Midstream, L.P.Major Integrated Oil & Gas($23.18K)($250.99K)$227.81K  
Eagle Rock Energy Partners L POil & Gas Refining & Marketing--($210.76K)$210.76K  
Samson Oil & Gas LtdOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$120.68K($44.86K)$165.55K  
Breitburn Energy Partners LpOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($89.18K)($221.90K)$132.72K  
Ckx Lands, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas$110.19K--$110.19K  
Zaza Energy CorpOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($104.01K)$104.01K  
Therapeuticsmd, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas--($77.34K)$77.34K  
Newpark Resources IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services($1.13M)($1.20M)$69.62K  
Gulfport Energy CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($1.33M)($1.40M)$67.98K  
Fieldpoint Petroleum CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($139.53K)($190.69K)$51.17K  
Gastar Exploration, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas--($49.30K)$49.30K  
Mid-Con Energy Partners, LpIndependent Oil & Gas$220.50K$181.97K$38.52K  
Barnwell Industries IncIndependent Oil & Gas$35.40K$10.28K$25.12K  
Camber Energy, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas$34.99K$10.72K$24.27K  
Blue Dolphin Energy CoIndependent Oil & Gas$40.00K$16.22K$23.77K  
Jp Energy Partners LpOil & Gas Pipelines$204.32K$186.74K$17.59K  
Cubic Energy IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($13.73K)$13.73K