Insider Sentiment Summary: Energy

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CompanyIndustryLast Net Buy AmountPrevious Net Buy AmountChange
Tallgrass Energy Partners, LpOil & Gas Pipelines$11.36M($311.78M)$323.14M  
Tallgrass Energy, LpOil & Gas Pipelines$249.90K($224.36M)$224.61M  
Midcoast Energy Partners, L.P.Independent Oil & Gas$169.48M--$169.48M  
Forum Energy Technologies, Inc.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services($105.01K)($167.75M)$167.65M  
Eqt Re, LLCIndependent Oil & Gas($264.99K)($160.98M)$160.71M  
World Point Terminals, LpOil & Gas Pipelines$159.07M$1.58M$157.49M  
Columbia Pipeline Group, Inc.Oil & Gas Pipelines--($95.32M)$95.32M  
Eclipse Resources CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$91.65M$2.92M$88.73M  
Basic Energy Services IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services($408.71K)($85.67M)$85.26M  
Ultra Petroleum CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$57.59M--$57.59M  
Enable Midstream Partners, LpOil & Gas Pipelines($6.00M)($60.81M)$54.81M  
Antero Resources CorpOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$7.79M($43.19M)$50.98M  
Pioneer Natural Resources CoIndependent Oil & Gas($3.00M)($51.93M)$48.93M  
Resolute Energy CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($1.80M)($49.50M)$47.70M  
Schlumberger Limited/nvOil & Gas Equipment & Services($1.36M)($41.29M)$39.94M  
Halliburton CoOil & Gas Equipment & Services$18.37M($19.81M)$38.18M  
Oasis Petroleum Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($1.31M)($38.49M)$37.19M  
Archrock, Inc.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services($443.82K)($36.24M)$35.79M  
Chevron CorpMajor Integrated Oil & Gas($13.59M)($45.88M)$32.29M  
Penntex Midstream Partners, LpOil & Gas Pipelines--($29.84M)$29.84M  
Trans Energy IncIndependent Oil & Gas--($28.40M)$28.40M  
Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P.Oil & Gas Pipelines$26.72M($521.99K)$27.24M  
Western Gas Partners LpOil & Gas Pipelines--($26.47M)$26.47M  
Concho Resources IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($1.98M)($27.50M)$25.52M  
Helmerich & Payne, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$51.05K($24.93M)$24.99M  
Cimarex Energy CoIndependent Oil & Gas($7.46M)($32.28M)$24.83M  
Kosmos Energy Ltd.Independent Oil & Gas($502.94M)($525.49M)$22.55M  
Geopark LtdOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($22.37M)$22.37M  
Diamondback Energy, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas($3.58M)($23.50M)$19.92M  
Eco-Stim Energy Solutions, Inc.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services$16.72M($3.08M)$19.80M  
Questar CorpIndependent Oil & Gas--($19.60M)$19.60M  
Exxon Mobil CorpMajor Integrated Oil & Gas($12.23M)($29.71M)$17.48M  
Arc Logistics Partners LpOil & Gas Pipelines--($17.48M)$17.48M  
Exco Resources IncIndependent Oil & Gas($5.64K)($17.47M)$17.47M  
Carrizo Oil & Gas IncIndependent Oil & Gas($3.23M)($20.62M)$17.38M  
Occidental Petroleum Corp /de/Independent Oil & Gas($4.39M)($20.92M)$16.52M  
Spectra Energy Corp.Oil & Gas Pipelines--($15.94M)$15.94M  
Cheniere Energy IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($4.32M)($20.17M)$15.85M  
Clean Energy Fuels Corp.Oil & Gas Pipelines($1.20M)($16.94M)$15.73M  
Pdc Energy, Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing($1.92M)($17.12M)$15.20M  
Baker Hughes A Ge Co LLCOil & Gas Equipment & Services--($14.98M)$14.98M  
Nustar Energy L.P.Oil & Gas Pipelines$19.63M$5.25M$14.38M  
Parsley Energy, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas($50.98M)($65.10M)$14.12M  
Eog Resources IncIndependent Oil & Gas($24.19M)($37.53M)$13.34M  
ConocophillipsMajor Integrated Oil & Gas$3.56M($9.22M)$12.78M  
Continental Resources, IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$3.46M($8.90M)$12.36M  
Mplx LpOil & Gas Pipelines($261.27K)($10.95M)$10.69M  
Newfield Exploration Co /de/Independent Oil & Gas($15.10M)($25.51M)$10.42M  
Plains All American Pipeline LpOil & Gas Pipelines($1.07M)($11.04M)$9.97M  
Approach Resources IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$9.78M--$9.78M  
Energy Transfer Equity, L.P.Oil & Gas Pipelines--($8.82M)$8.82M  
Sanchez Energy CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$1.32M($7.19M)$8.51M  
Penn West Petroleum Ltd.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($8.15M)$8.15M  
Qep Resources, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$5.78M($1.69M)$7.47M  
Callon Petroleum CoIndependent Oil & Gas--($7.16M)$7.16M  
Devon Energy Corp/deIndependent Oil & Gas($1.28M)($8.35M)$7.07M  
Enterprise Products Partners L PIndependent Oil & Gas$1.28M($5.78M)$7.06M  
Buckeye Partners, L.P.Oil & Gas Pipelines($961.01K)($7.94M)$6.97M  
Valero Energy Corp/txOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($7.63M)($13.00M)$5.37M  
Hollyfrontier CorpOil & Gas Refining & Marketing--($5.28M)$5.28M  
Range Resources - Louisiana, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($5.22M)$5.22M  
Independence Contract Drilling, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($5.18M)$5.18M  
Genesis Energy LpOil & Gas Pipelines$1.82M($3.28M)$5.10M  
Alon Usa Energy, Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing--($5.04M)$5.04M  
Rpc IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services($936.46K)($5.55M)$4.62M  
Black Stone Minerals, L.P.Independent Oil & Gas($2.23M)($6.68M)$4.45M  
Apache CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$2.40M($1.91M)$4.31M  
Andeavor Logistics LpOil & Gas Pipelines$3.97M($204.11K)$4.17M  
Gastar Exploration Inc.Independent Oil & Gas$2.20M($1.68M)$3.88M  
National Oilwell Varco IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services($1.36M)($5.15M)$3.79M  
Ring Energy, Inc.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$3.14M--$3.14M  
Core Laboratories N VOil & Gas Equipment & Services($1.16M)($4.30M)$3.14M  
Anadarko Petroleum CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$1.09M($1.93M)$3.01M  
Range Resources CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$10.30M$7.32M$2.98M  
Panhandle Oil & Gas IncIndependent Oil & Gas$302.18K($2.66M)$2.96M  
Wpx Energy, Inc.Independent Oil & Gas($780.77K)($3.70M)$2.92M  
Plains Gp Holdings LpOil & Gas Pipelines$2.76M--$2.76M  
Murphy Oil Corp /deOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($401.15K)($3.05M)$2.65M  
Carbo Ceramics IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services$2.42M($226.81K)$2.64M  
AndeavorOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($3.51M)($6.13M)$2.62M  
Hallador Energy CoIndependent Oil & Gas$2.05M($540.62K)$2.59M  
Noble Energy IncIndependent Oil & Gas($12.68M)($15.19M)$2.51M  
Rowan Companies PlcOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($1.14M)($3.52M)$2.38M  
Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.Oil & Gas Pipelines$70.09K($2.03M)$2.10M  
Whiting Petroleum CorpOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration--($2.07M)$2.07M  
Oil States International, IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services($77.47K)($2.06M)$1.98M  
Southwestern Energy CoIndependent Oil & Gas($130.96K)($2.03M)$1.90M  
Magellan Midstream Partners LpOil & Gas Pipelines$2.33M$435.62K$1.90M  
Enlink Midstream, LLCOil & Gas Refining & Marketing($66.63K)($1.82M)$1.75M  
Cabot Oil & Gas CorpIndependent Oil & Gas$493.33K($1.21M)$1.71M  
Cvr Refining, LpOil & Gas Refining & Marketing--($1.71M)$1.71M  
Noble Corp PlcOil & Gas Equipment & Services($1.33K)($1.69M)$1.69M  
Patterson Uti Energy IncOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$350.28K($1.30M)$1.65M  
Erin Energy Corp.Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration$707.68K($899.73K)$1.61M  
Unit CorpOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($129.35K)($1.72M)$1.59M  
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LpOil & Gas Pipelines--($1.55M)$1.55M  
Ensco PlcOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration($89.31K)($1.63M)$1.54M  
Gulfport Energy CorpIndependent Oil & Gas--($1.54M)$1.54M  
Triangle Petroleum CorpIndependent Oil & Gas($0.56K)($1.54M)$1.54M  
Superior Energy Services IncOil & Gas Equipment & Services$914.09K($573.28K)$1.49M