C-Level Purchases

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Companies with the greatest amount of purchasing by C-Level executives (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.). These insiders have the best insight into their companies and markets and have historically been among the best to follow.

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Trades reported on 23-Jan-19
Number of records: 3
Last ReportedCompanyIndustry GroupIndustry# InsidersHistorical Avg Return (6 Mo)Last TradeAvg. PriceTotal SharesTotal
23-Jan-19 3:43 PMCTI Industries Corp. (CTIB) Consumer DurablesRubber & Plastics1(6%)
(11 decisions)
23-Jan-19 6:21 PMFs Kkr Capital Corp (FSK) OtherOther10%
(3 decisions)
23-Jan-19 2:16 PMBiosig Technologies, Inc. (BSGM) OtherOther118%
(14 decisions)