Low Price/Book Purchases

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Largest purchases at companies with price/book ratio of 1 or less. Companies with a P/B ratio below 1 in theory could be bought and liquidated for a profit, meaning that the stock price has extremely limited downside. When coupled with bullish insider buying, this may indicate good investment opportunities.

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Trades reported on 24-Apr-19
Number of records: 3
Last ReportedCompanyIndustry GroupIndustry# InsidersHistorical Avg Return (6 Mo)Last TradeAvg. PriceTotal SharesTotal
24-Apr-19 3:53 PMRoyce Focus Trust, Inc. (FUND) OtherOther11%
(53 decisions)
24-Apr-19 9:18 AMAberdeen Asia-Pacific Incom... (FAX) OtherOther1< 1%
(12 decisions)
24-Apr-19 4:49 PMJMP Group LLC (JMP) Financial ServicesInvestment Brokerage - National113%
(44 decisions)