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This report evaluates companies along multiple dimensions including insider position and trading history, size of transactions, consensus, and many others to highlight companies with the strongest insider sentiment. These companies are an excellent starting point when looking for investment ideas.

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Insider Sentiment

Number of records: 28
 4 Week Summary
Notable activity
Financial Services » Investment Brokerage - Regional

$506.56K Net Amount

$22.00M Net Amount

$436.27K Net Amount
  • Hudson M Ashton
    Director , purchased $328.75K (527% change in holdings)
  • Tomnitz Donald J
    Director , purchased $63.22K (25% change in holdings)
  • Bartok Daniel C
    Chief Executive Officer, purchased $44.30K (280% change in holdings)

$199.69K Net Amount
  • Chadwick Robert E
    CEO, President
    Director , purchased $100.00K (33% change in holdings)
  • Stone Bradford S
    CFO, VP & TREASURER, purchased $99.69K (74003% change in holdings)
Energy » Independent Oil & Gas

$10.55M Net Amount
  • Dunham Archie W
    Director , purchased $9.21M (93% change in holdings)
  • Martin R Brad
    Director , purchased $350.25K (19% change in holdings)
  • Ryan Thomas L
    Director , purchased $361.80K (39% change in holdings)
  • Dell'Osso Domenic J Jr
    Exec. Vice President & CFO, purchased $93.80K (9% change in holdings)
  • Webb James R
    EVP-Gen'l Counsel & Corp. Sec., purchased $176.75K (16% change in holdings)
  • Lawler Robert D.
    Director , purchased $186.00K (6% change in holdings)
  • Patterson Frank J.
    EVP-Exploration & Production, purchased $154.08K (7% change in holdings)

$80.00M Net Amount

$899.89K Net Amount
  • Huskinson W. Todd
    CFO & Chief Compliance Officer, purchased $57.91K (27% change in holdings)
  • Ladd Robert T.
    President and CEO
    Director , purchased $645.66K (14% change in holdings)
  • Bilger Bruce R
    Director , purchased $196.32K (21% change in holdings)
Real Estate » Property Management

$620.33K Net Amount

$2.93M Net Amount
  • Jeffs Roger
    Director , purchased $186.64K (96% change in holdings)
  • Manning Paul B
    10% Owner, purchased $2.48M (93% change in holdings)
  • Zaccardelli David
    President & CEO, purchased $60.70K (100% change in holdings)
Real Estate » Property Management

$78.98M Net Amount
  • Hoag Jay C
    Director , purchased $61.97M (81% change in holdings)
  • Barton Richard N
    Executive Chairman
    10% Owner, purchased $19.24M (9% change in holdings)

$14.34M Net Amount

$485.50K Net Amount
Wholesale » Building Materials Wholesale

$3.36M Net Amount

$688.55K Net Amount
  • Tank Bradley
    , purchased $592.21K (86% change in holdings)
  • Lind Joseph
    , purchased $96.34K (100% change in holdings)
Energy » Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

$482.76K Net Amount
Electronics » Diversified Electronics

$1.99M Net Amount

$763.00K Net Amount
  • Holland John J
    Director , purchased $54.00K (66% change in holdings)
  • Metcalf James S
    Chairman and CEO
    Director , purchased $709.00K (608% change in holdings)
Telecommunications » Communication Equipment

$1.93M Net Amount
  • Persson Hakan
    Chief Executive Officer, purchased $55.00K (100% change in holdings)
  • Rosberg Ulf
    10% Owner, purchased $1.82M (252% change in holdings)
  • Bunge Andreas
    Director , purchased $46.40K (39% change in holdings)
Industrial » Diversified Machinery

$248.76K Net Amount
  • Abel James J
    Director , purchased $74.69K (114% change in holdings)
  • Scagline Rodney
    President of Union Electric, purchased $55.73K (70% change in holdings)

$1.62M Net Amount
Transportation » Air Delivery & Freight Services

$1.37M Net Amount

$1.05M Net Amount
  • Handler David A
    Director , purchased $368.50K (7% change in holdings)
  • Urdang E Scott
    Director , purchased $643.43K (45% change in holdings)
Materials & Construction » General Building Materials

($292.97K) Net Amount

    $4.47M Net Amount
    • Russ Craig P
      , purchased $100.93K (43% change in holdings)
    • Ubs Group Ag
      10% Owner, purchased $4.37M (100% change in holdings)

    $1.16M Net Amount
    • Klein John Eddy
      Director , purchased $101.20K (92% change in holdings)
    • Hoskins Alan R.
      President & CEO
      Director , purchased $460.00K (13% change in holdings)
    • Vitale Robert V
      Director , purchased $199.22K (57% change in holdings)
    • Gorman Timothy W
      EVP, CFO & CAO, purchased $456.40K (37% change in holdings)

    $801.01K Net Amount
    Banking » Foreign Regional Banks

    $757.53K Net Amount

    $271.17K Net Amount
    • Kirchmann John
      EVP and CFO, purchased $104.46K (26% change in holdings)
    • Dance Michael T
      Director , purchased $47.32K (21% change in holdings)
    • Twinem Mary J
      Director , purchased $49.64K (124% change in holdings)