Insider Trading Report: Insider Sentiment

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This report evaluates companies along multiple dimensions including insider position and trading history, size of transactions, consensus, and many others to highlight companies with the strongest insider sentiment. These companies are an excellent starting point when looking for investment ideas.

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Insider Sentiment

Number of records: 9
 4 Week Summary
Notable activity

$103.10K Net Amount

$364.55K Net Amount
  • Flack Mitch
    Portfolio Manager, purchased $99.05K (113% change in holdings)
  • Rivelle Tad
    Portfolio Manager, purchased $265.50K (24% change in holdings)

$73.34M Net Amount
Drugs » Biotechnology

$814.81K Net Amount
  • Samant Vijay B
    President & CEO
    Director , purchased $468.60K (50% change in holdings)
  • Ramos Anthony Alan
    Chief Accounting Officer, purchased $99.40K (153% change in holdings)
  • Bilinsky Igor
    Senior VP, Corporate Dev't, purchased $127.80K (158% change in holdings)
  • Smith Lawrence Russell
    VP, Vaccine Research, purchased $127.80K (81% change in holdings)
Metals and Mining » Industrial Metals & Minerals

$276.00K Net Amount
  • Yarie Quentin
    Director , purchased $60.00K (154% change in holdings)
  • Schler Richard E
    Director , purchased $72.00K (300% change in holdings)
  • Scherba Craig S
    President & COO
    Director , purchased $72.00K (100% change in holdings)
  • Liabotis Peter D
    SR V.P & CFO, purchased $72.00K (458% change in holdings)
Materials & Construction » General Building Materials

($9.42M) Net Amount
  • Hein Leland J
    President, purchased $203.73K (29% change in holdings)
  • Nance Kenneth R.
    Executive Vice President, purchased $69.82K (30% change in holdings)

$146.02K Net Amount

$162.50K Net Amount
  • Haas G Hunter Iv
    CFO, CIO and Secretary
    Director , purchased $62.50K (100% change in holdings)
  • Heuvelen John van
    Director , purchased $100.00K (55% change in holdings)

$1.10M Net Amount
  • Kalman Francis S
    Director , purchased $200.00K (100% change in holdings)
  • Bartolotta Peter
    Chief Operating Officer, purchased $250.00K (22% change in holdings)
  • Amelio William J
    President and CEO
    Director , purchased $500.00K (13% change in holdings)
  • Oneill Michael J
    Senior Vice President, purchased $100.00K (13% change in holdings)
  • Hooper Joan S
    Chief Financial Officer, purchased $50.00K (7% change in holdings)