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This report evaluates companies along multiple dimensions including insider position and trading history, size of transactions, consensus, and many others to highlight companies with the strongest insider sentiment. These companies are an excellent starting point when looking for investment ideas.

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Insider Sentiment

Number of records: 12
 4 Week Summary
Notable activity

($2.75M) Net Amount

$2.47M Net Amount
Insurance » Property & Casualty Insurance

$1.93M Net Amount
  • Stilwell Joseph
    10% Owner, purchased $1.39M (11% change in holdings)
  • Levine Douglas
    Director , purchased $455.25K (106% change in holdings)
Chemicals » Specialty Chemicals

$304.46K Net Amount
  • Farris John R
    Director , purchased $174.00K (27% change in holdings)
  • Brandler Harry
    Director , purchased $130.46K (100% change in holdings)

$5.56M Net Amount
  • Charletta Diana M
    EVP & Chief Operating Officer, purchased $240.20K (374% change in holdings)
  • Oliver Kirk R
    Sr VP & CFO, purchased $100.24K (100% change in holdings)
  • Dorman Margaret K
    Director , purchased $105.94K (100% change in holdings)
  • Karam Thomas F
    President and CEO
    Director , purchased $5.12M (521% change in holdings)
Transportation » Air Delivery & Freight Services

$708.61K Net Amount
  • Berger Michael L
    Chief Commercial Officer, purchased $84.62K (84% change in holdings)
  • Coretz Robert K.
    Director , purchased $501.25K (33% change in holdings)
  • Crippen Jeffrey C.
    Sub. President, Omni Air Int'l, purchased $117.28K (37% change in holdings)

$295.37K Net Amount

$412.81K Net Amount

$13.82M Net Amount
Health Services » Medical Instruments & Supplies

$469.98K Net Amount
  • Neels Guido J
    Director , purchased $149.99K (111% change in holdings)
  • Mahboob Vaseem
    Chief Financial Officer, purchased $100.00K (45% change in holdings)
  • Onopchenko John
    CEO and Director
    Director , purchased $200.00K (65% change in holdings)

$421.51K Net Amount

$44.61M Net Amount