Insider Trading Report: Insider Sentiment

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This report evaluates companies along multiple dimensions including insider position and trading history, size of transactions, consensus, and many others to highlight companies with the strongest insider sentiment. These companies are an excellent starting point when looking for investment ideas.

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Insider Sentiment

Number of records: 11
 4 Week Summary
Notable activity

$1.02M Net Amount
  • Salm Michael V
    Portfolio Manager to the, purchased $468.35K (89% change in holdings)
  • Kohli D William
    Portfolio Manager to the, purchased $550.75K (112% change in holdings)

$1.80M Net Amount
  • Kahane William M
    Director , purchased $344.40K (19% change in holdings)
  • Schorsch Nicholas S
    Chairman of the BoD and CEO
    Director , purchased $688.79K (9% change in holdings)
  • Kay David S
    President, purchased $206.70K (6% change in holdings)
  • Weil Edward M Jr.
    Director , purchased $237.59K (21% change in holdings)

$14.44M Net Amount

$44.13M Net Amount

$1.19M Net Amount

$732.53K Net Amount
  • Turner K Rick
    Director , purchased $103.56K (36% change in holdings)
  • Gallagher Hugh J.
    Chief Financial Officer, purchased $127.20K (499% change in holdings)
  • Sheridan Jerry E
    President & CEO, purchased $501.77K (44% change in holdings)
Financial Services » Investment Brokerage - National

$500.71K Net Amount
Industrial » Industrial Electrical Equipment

$1.02M Net Amount
Insurance » Property & Casualty Insurance

$515.40K Net Amount
  • Osborn David P
    Director , purchased $272.54K (63% change in holdings)
  • Sewell Michael J
    CFO, Sr Vice Pres & Treasurer, purchased $135.33K (48% change in holdings)
  • van Den Heuvel Will H
    Sr. Vice President-Subsidiary, purchased $49.97K (100% change in holdings)

$248.92K Net Amount
Banking » Regional - Pacific Banks

$326.67K Net Amount