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This report evaluates companies along multiple dimensions including insider position and trading history, size of transactions, consensus, and many others to highlight companies with the strongest insider sentiment. These companies are an excellent starting point when looking for investment ideas.

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Insider Sentiment

Number of records: 5
 4 Week Summary
Notable activity
Consumer Durables » Paper & Paper Products

$1.94M Net Amount
  • Burton Robert G
    Chairman and CEO
    Director , purchased $1.01M (58% change in holdings)
  • Puri Nathu R
    10% Owner, purchased $933.24K (19% change in holdings)
Energy » Independent Oil & Gas

($1.21M) Net Amount
  • Hollub Vicki A.
    President and CEO
    Director , purchased $940.80K (19% change in holdings)
  • Burgher Cedric W
    SVP & CFO, purchased $101.74K (100% change in holdings)
Insurance » Property & Casualty Insurance

$308.00K Net Amount
  • Raucy Douglas N
    President and CEO
    Director , purchased $94.14K (100% change in holdings)
  • Case Dan E
    Chief Operating Officer, purchased $87.19K (100% change in holdings)
  • Hill John S
    VP, Secretary & CFO, purchased $54.58K (100% change in holdings)
Specialty Retail » Specialty Retail, Other

$325.81K Net Amount
Drugs » Drug Manufacturers - Major

$612.60K Net Amount
  • Lloyd Ronald K.
    Exec. VP & Pres, Hospital, purchased $206.32K (39% change in holdings)
  • Lannum Coleman N III
    Sr. VP Investor Strategy & IRO, purchased $285.98K (23% change in holdings)