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This report evaluates companies along multiple dimensions including insider position and trading history, size of transactions, consensus, and many others to highlight companies with the strongest insider sentiment. These companies are an excellent starting point when looking for investment ideas.

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Insider Sentiment

Number of records: 10
 4 Week Summary
Notable activity
Electronics » Semiconductor - Specialized

($263.16K) Net Amount
  • Anderson James Robert
    President & CEO
    Director , purchased $56.66K (100% change in holdings)
  • Elashmawi Esam
    VP Corp, Mktg & Strategy, purchased $113.27K (100% change in holdings)

$292.68K Net Amount
  • Brunelle David
    Director , purchased $113.43K (565% change in holdings)
  • Prescott Wm Gordon
    SEVP and General Counsel, purchased $65.74K (54% change in holdings)
  • Marotta Richard M
    President and CEO, purchased $50.17K (25% change in holdings)

$739.70K Net Amount
  • Barth Carin Marcy
    Director , purchased $250.00K (42% change in holdings)
  • Teague Aj
    Chief Executive Officer
    Director , purchased $489.70K (8% change in holdings)

$334.50K Net Amount
  • Dechellis Anthony
    CEO and President
    Director , purchased $253.03K (15% change in holdings)
  • Simons Paul M
    EVP, Chief Corp Strategy/Devel, purchased $119.90K (100% change in holdings)
Consumer Durables » Packaging & Containers

$462.45K Net Amount

$816.65K Net Amount

$2.49M Net Amount
  • Boney Shon A.
    Director , purchased $2.02M (1570% change in holdings)
  • Blum Kristen E
    Director , purchased $96.80K (31% change in holdings)
  • McGlinchey David
    Chief Merchandising Officer, purchased $115.50K (71% change in holdings)
  • Townsend Steven H
    Director , purchased $48.63K (7% change in holdings)
  • Lukow Bradley
    Interim Co-CEO and CFO, purchased $230.86K (8% change in holdings)

$2.44M Net Amount
  • Kliman Gilbert H
    10% Owner, purchased $350.00K (2623% change in holdings)
  • Kong Garheng
    Director , purchased $2.00M (1212% change in holdings)
  • Zurbay Donald
    Director , purchased $49.00K (100% change in holdings)
Real Estate » Real Estate Development

$846.75K Net Amount
Banking » Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks

$311.86K Net Amount
  • Lewis Jack M
    Director , purchased $109.50K (50% change in holdings)
  • Johnson Mildred R
    Director , purchased $55.32K (221% change in holdings)