Insider trading filings are a trove of information about what insiders are doing and thinking about their company but until now getting that insight has required investors to painstakingly comb through each filing to arrive at a buy, sell or hold decision. Form4Oracle's proprietary algorithm eliminates that work with a easy to use insider sentiment rating allowing the investor to quickly uncover companies and industries where insiders are feeling bullish or bearish.

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Use the insider sentiment rating to to quickly uncover investment opportunities that might have flown under the radar with our Insider Sentiment Report. Once you find a company you are interested in, look at how its insider sentiment has changed over time to gain insight into how the sentiment corresponds to market price. Dig deeper by looking at individual insider transactions that have been flagged by insider type, holdings, and prior performance.

Insider transactions that have been flagged

The Form4Oracle sentiment rating is calculated by looking at all of an insider's transactions to understand overall behavior, past performance, transaction type, and importance to the company to get a consistent metric. We look for bullish behavior where insiders are significantly increasing their holdings percentage while screening out small or regular purchases that can be attributed to retirement plan or employee stock purchase program purchases.

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