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Our company and insider watch list functionality is the easiest way to keep tabs on insiders and the companies that they are running. Insiders are sending signals with their buying and selling patterns each day. Keeping track of the insider activity can provide you with critical information that may signal a shift in future prospects.

The company watch list allows you to track and receive alerts for up to a hundred companies. Just add a company you are researching and set your alert preferences and we will notify you via email or mobile phone (SMS) any time an interesting purchase or sale is reported. What could be easier?

Insider Watch List

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Once you find a set insiders who are consistently successful with their own investments, why wouldn't you want to know what companies they are buying and selling? Our insider watch list functionality keeps you up to date with the trades of these proven money-makers. We even help you find top performing and popular insiders for you to track.

See what the insiders see, FREE for two weeks

See what the insiders see, FREE for two weeks

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