Insider Sentiment Summary: Metals and Mining

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CompanyIndustryLast Net Buy AmountPrevious Net Buy AmountChange
Sage Therapeutics, Inc.Gold--($67.09M)$67.09M  
Royal Gold IncGold($1.53M)($35.43M)$33.90M  
Newmont Corp /de/Gold--($26.92M)$26.92M  
Nucor CorpSteel & Iron($4.74M)($15.11M)$10.38M  
Kaiser Aluminum CorpAluminum($5.52M)($13.89M)$8.37M  
Arch Resources, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals($1.39M)($8.17M)$6.78M  
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.Steel & Iron($7.92M)($14.64M)$6.72M  
Harsco CorpSteel & Iron($1.86M)($6.02M)$4.15M  
Synalloy CorpSteel & Iron$5.82M$2.46M$3.36M  
Century Aluminum CoAluminum($116.44K)($2.63M)$2.52M  
Steel Dynamics IncSteel & Iron($3.08M)($5.29M)$2.21M  
Carpenter Technology CorpSteel & Iron--($1.91M)$1.91M  
Alliance Resource Partners LpIndustrial Metals & Minerals($351.04K)($2.13M)$1.78M  
U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals($245.66K)($1.38M)$1.13M  
Encore Wire CorpCopper--($1.01M)$1.01M  
Haynes International IncSteel & Iron($65.50K)($786.09K)$720.58K  
Dmc Global Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals($1.37M)($1.87M)$495.27K  
Natural Resource Partners LpIndustrial Metals & Minerals--($430.36K)$430.36K  
Coeur Mining, Inc.Silver($1.87M)($2.27M)$394.27K  
Friedman Industries IncSteel & Iron$389.46K$36.87K$352.60K  
Asa Gold & Precious Metals LtdGold$194.07K($119.30K)$313.37K  
Materion CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals$66.45K($150.52K)$216.98K  
Comstock Mining Inc.Gold$79.50K--$79.50K  
Vista Gold CorpGold($157.97K)($189.22K)$31.25K  
McEwen Mining Inc.Gold$76.50K$50.27K$26.23K  
Paramount Gold Nevada Corp.Industrial Metals & Minerals$25.25K$5.44K$19.80K  
Solitario Zinc Corp.Gold$15.31K$0.53K$14.78K  
Westwater Resources, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals--($1.07K)$1.07K  
Daybreak Oil & Gas, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Us Energy CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
Goldrich Mining CoGold------
Patriot Gold CorpGold------
Foresight Energy LpNonmetallic Mineral Mining------
New Jersey Mining CoGold------
International Tower Hill Mines LtdGold------
Rti International Metals IncIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
Augusta Gold Corp.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Bravo Multinational Inc.Gold------
Rare Element Resources LtdIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
Pershing Gold Corp.Gold------
Quantum Materials Corp.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Universal Stainless & Alloy Products IncSteel & Iron------
Magellan Gold CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
Wolverine Technologies Corp.Gold------
Vnue, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Ak Steel Holding CorpSteel & Iron------
Star Gold Corp.Gold------
Rhino Resource Partners LpNonmetallic Mineral Mining------
Amazing Energy Oil & Gas, Co.Gold------
Silver Bull Resources, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
Dakota Territory Resource CorpNonmetallic Mineral Mining------
Good Hemp, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Rise Gold Corp.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Advantego CorpGold------
Nanophase Technologies CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
American International Ventures Inc /de/Gold------
Friendable, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Suncoke Energy Partners, L.P.Nonmetallic Mineral Mining------
Contango Ore, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals------
Inception Mining Inc.Gold------
Enigma-Bulwark, LtdIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
Westmoreland Resource Partners, LpIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
Thunder Mountain Gold IncGold------
Centrus Energy CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals------
Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.Steel & Iron($27.96K)($3.16K)($24.80K)  
Olympic Steel IncSteel & Iron$36.13K$125.50K($89.37K)  
Olin CorpCopper($345.28K)($207.60K)($137.68K)  
Insteel Industries IncSteel & Iron($226.40K)($24.70K)($201.70K)  
Ciner Resources LpIndustrial Metals & Minerals$187.40K$427.58K($240.18K)  
Cloud Peak Energy Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals--$241.84K($241.84K)  
Chromadex Corp.Industrial Metals & Minerals($169.49K)$84.11K($253.60K)  
Gold Resource CorpGold($198.74K)$88.56K($287.30K)  
Hi-Crush Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals--$290.56K($290.56K)  
Ur-Energy IncIndustrial Metals & Minerals($216.91K)$76.09K($293.01K)  
Trilogy Metals Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals($101.10K)$252.05K($353.15K)  
Northwest Pipe CoSteel & Iron($228.30K)$216.51K($444.81K)  
Adient PlcIndustrial Metals & Minerals($1.24M)($751.97K)($490.72K)  
Uranium Energy CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals($205.79K)$308.30K($514.09K)  
Alcoa CorpAluminum($356.68K)$249.89K($606.57K)  
Timkensteel CorpSteel & Iron($316.34K)$438.62K($754.95K)  
Intrepid Potash, Inc.Nonmetallic Mineral Mining($96.83K)$1.28M($1.37M)  
United States Antimony CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals($1.43M)$150.00K($1.58M)  
Suncoke Energy, Inc.Steel & Iron$51.62K$1.87M($1.82M)  
Gibraltar Industries, Inc.Steel & Iron($2.44M)($537.77K)($1.90M)  
Vitality Biopharma, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals--$2.05M($2.05M)  
Hecla Mining Co/de/Silver($589.77K)$1.72M($2.31M)  
Jagged Peak Energy Inc.Gold--$2.56M($2.56M)  
Cnx Resources CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals($804.78K)$2.42M($3.23M)  
General Moly, IncIndustrial Metals & Minerals--$4.30M($4.30M)  
Novagold Resources IncGold($25.44M)($20.68M)($4.75M)  
Commercial Metals CoSteel & Iron($8.54M)($3.09M)($5.45M)  
Worthington Industries IncSteel & Iron($13.40M)($7.52M)($5.88M)  
Allegheny Technologies IncIndustrial Metals & Minerals($2.55M)$4.22M($6.77M)  
Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.Industrial Metals & Minerals($7.35M)$35.75K($7.38M)  
Peabody Energy CorpIndustrial Metals & Minerals($987.09K)$6.65M($7.64M)  
Freeport-Mcmoran IncCopper($35.40M)($4.53M)($30.88M)  
Southern Copper Corp/Copper($98.31M)($473.11K)($97.84M)