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Successful insiders who have made the largest open market purchases. A successful insider is one who has gained on average at least 10% within 6 months on their past purchases. Insiders who have consistently done well in the past are likely to do so in the future.

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Trades reported on 24-Mar-20
Number of records: 2
Last ReportedCompanyIndustry GroupIndustry# InsidersHistorical Avg Return (6 Mo)Last TradeAvg. PriceTotal SharesTotal
24-Mar-20 4:44 PMSg Blocks, Inc. (SGBX) ConglomeratesConglomerates139%
(57 decisions)
24-Mar-20 7:25 PMSteel Partners Holdings L.P (SPLP) ConglomeratesConglomerates118%
(11 decisions)