Trades reported on 20-Mar-14
Number of records: 18
20-Mar-14 7:33 PMCasual Male Retail Group, I... (DXLG) RetailApparel StoresInsider Trading Sentiment:20-Mar-14$5.501,086,200$5,976,941.00(8%)46%
(2 decisions)
20-Mar-14 7:14 PMFifth Street Senior Floatin... (FSFR) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:20-Mar-14$14.3385,870$1,230,889.88(13%)(2%)
(7 decisions)
20-Mar-14 5:50 PMBarfresh Food Group Inc (BRFH) Food and BeverageBeverages - Soft DrinksInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Mar-14$0.501,000,000$500,000.000%24%
(1 decisions)
20-Mar-14 5:30 PMOrchid Island Capital, Inc. (ORC) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Feb-14$12.5520,000$251,000.00< 1%0%
20-Mar-14 4:27 PMNuance Communications, Inc. (NUAN) Computer Software & SvcsApplication SoftwareInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Mar-14$16.0211,657$186,803.42(< 1%)0%
20-Mar-14 4:14 PMSwift Energy Co. (SFY) EnergyIndependent Oil & GasInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Mar-14$10.0415,000$150,583.501%0%
20-Mar-14 7:17 AMOpko Health, Inc. (OPK) DrugsDrug Manufacturers - OtherInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Mar-14$9.7315,000$146,000.62(< 1%)12%
(87 decisions)
20-Mar-14 11:59 AMPeoples Financial Services ... (PFIS) BankingRegional - Northeast BanksInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Mar-14$41.501,300$53,950.0024%7%
(1 decisions)
20-Mar-14 11:34 AMMidcoast Energy Partners, L... (MEP) EnergyIndependent Oil & GasInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Mar-14$20.422,500$51,048.10(2%)65%
(2 decisions)
20-Mar-14 9:10 PMHarris & Harris Group, Inc. (TINY) Financial ServicesDiversified InvestmentsInsider Trading Sentiment:20-Mar-14$3.5512,020$42,723.160%15%
(49 decisions)
20-Mar-14 3:43 PMMinerals Technologies Inc. (MTX) ChemicalsSyntheticsInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Mar-14$60.02400$24,008.005%0%
20-Mar-14 3:39 PMOceanFirst Financial Corp. (OCFC) BankingSavings & LoansInsider Trading Sentiment:13-Nov-13$17.781,312$23,327.36(7%)25%
(7 decisions)
20-Mar-14 12:50 PMCSB Bancorp Inc. (CSBB) BankingRegional - Midwest BanksInsider Trading Sentiment:20-Mar-14$20.00900$18,000.002%(5%)
(10 decisions)
20-Mar-14 10:08 AMCenveo Inc. (CVO) Consumer DurablesPaper & Paper ProductsInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Mar-14$3.365,000$16,785.50(1%)69%
(3 decisions)
20-Mar-14 9:53 AMFirst Community Corp. (FCCO) BankingRegional - Southwest BanksInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Mar-14$10.95722$7,907.50(2%)0%
20-Mar-14 12:07 PMInvestors Real Estate Trust (IRETED.OB) Real EstateREIT - RetailInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Mar-14$8.59653$5,607.96(3%)7%
(6 decisions)
20-Mar-14 3:24 PMAmerica First Tax Exempt In... (ATAX) Real EstateMortgage InvestmentInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Mar-14$6.03800$4,824.005%(5%)
(7 decisions)
20-Mar-14 1:50 PMGuggenheim Build America Bo... (GBAB) Financial ServicesDiversified InvestmentsInsider Trading Sentiment:23-Feb-12$21.93140$3,070.2018%5%
(1 decisions)