Insider Sentiment Summary: Banking

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Number of records: 294
CompanyIndustryLast Net Buy AmountPrevious Net Buy AmountChange
Bok Financial Corp Et AlRegional - Southwest Banks($105.57K)($49.30M)$49.20M  
Suntrust Banks IncMoney Center Banks$14.44M--$14.44M  
Citigroup IncMoney Center Banks($5.84M)($12.58M)$6.74M  
Northern Trust CorpRegional - Midwest Banks($2.82M)($7.62M)$4.80M  
Umpqua Holdings CorpRegional - Pacific Banks$4.37M--$4.37M  
Old National Bancorp /in/Regional - Midwest Banks$3.30M$4.27K$3.29M  
Synovus Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$3.00M--$3.00M  
First Midwest Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks$2.52M($23.03K)$2.54M  
Si Financial Group, Inc.Savings & Loans--($1.78M)$1.78M  
Pnc Financial Services Group, Inc.Money Center Banks--($1.73M)$1.73M  
Sterling BancorpSavings & Loans$2.62M$1.76M$859.43K  
Community Bank System, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks($706.08K)($1.50M)$793.67K  
United Community Banks IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$567.69K($184.80K)$752.49K  
Peoples Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks$726.40K$28.17K$698.23K  
Nbt Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks($30.78K)($693.97K)$663.19K  
Fidelity D & D Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks$574.69K$15.00K$559.69K  
Community Trust Bancorp Inc /ky/Regional - Southeast Banks$544.92K$14.55K$530.38K  
Prudential Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans($19.75K)($481.57K)$461.82K  
Ocwen Financial CorpSavings & Loans$459.94K--$459.94K  
Independent Bank Corp /mi/Regional - Midwest Banks--($449.64K)$449.64K  
Live Oak Bancshares, Inc.Savings & Loans$440.57K--$440.57K  
Hancock Whitney CorpRegional - Southeast Banks--($382.91K)$382.91K  
Enterprise Bancorp Inc /ma/Savings & Loans$339.78K--$339.78K  
Penns Woods Bancorp IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$316.05K--$316.05K  
Select Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$300.00K--$300.00K  
Capital City Bank Group IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$276.71K--$276.71K  
Guaranty BancorpSavings & Loans--($275.25K)$275.25K  
Midsouth Bancorp IncRegional - Southeast Banks$262.55K--$262.55K  
Shore Bancshares IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$202.44K--$202.44K  
National Bankshares IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$194.75K--$194.75K  
Evans Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks$192.64K--$192.64K  
C & F Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--($192.58K)$192.58K  
Southern National Bancorp Of Virginia IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$192.35K--$192.35K  
Boston Private Financial Holdings IncRegional - Northeast Banks$151.25K($34.86K)$186.11K  
Standard Avb Financial Corp.Regional - Northeast Banks$5.01K($179.99K)$185.00K  
Western New England Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks$105.92K($61.89K)$167.80K  
Truecar, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks($4.28K)($158.68K)$154.40K  
Bank Of The James Financial Group IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$128.30K--$128.30K  
Old Line Bancshares IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$99.82K$3.96$99.81K  
Atlantic Union Bankshares CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--($96.90K)$96.90K  
Bank Of South Carolina CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$80.35K--$80.35K  
Cathay General BancorpRegional - Pacific Banks($431.48K)($510.93K)$79.45K  
Qnb CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$74.22K--$74.22K  
Peoples Financial Services Corp.Regional - Northeast Banks$73.08K--$73.08K  
Veritex Holdings, Inc.Regional - Southwest Banks$64.78K--$64.78K  
Meridian Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans($151.99K)($212.44K)$60.45K  
Camden National CorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($60.40K)$60.40K  
Banner CorpSavings & Loans$58.40K--$58.40K  
County Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans$39.29K($17.53K)$56.82K  
Investar Holding CorpRegional - Southwest Banks$54.77K--$54.77K  
Tristate Capital Holdings, Inc.Money Center Banks$51.74K--$51.74K  
Greene County Bancorp IncSavings & Loans$49.66K--$49.66K  
Norwood Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$49.34K--$49.34K  
Seacoast Banking Corp Of FloridaRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks($403.36K)($450.86K)$47.50K  
Cass Information Systems IncRegional - Southwest Banks($149.60K)($191.75K)$42.15K  
First Bancorp /pr/Foreign Regional Banks$34.48K--$34.48K  
Lake Shore Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans$31.68K--$31.68K  
1st Source CorpRegional - Midwest Banks$30.99K--$30.99K  
Dime Community Bancshares IncSavings & Loans--($30.87K)$30.87K  
Triumph Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Southwest Banks$30.85K--$30.85K  
Howard Bancorp IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$25.14K--$25.14K  
Lakeland Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks$25.01K--$25.01K  
Union Bankshares IncRegional - Northeast Banks$64.70K$40.87K$23.82K  
Ameris BancorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$18.34K--$18.34K  
First Citizens Bancshares Inc /de/Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$35.27K$18.92K$16.34K  
German American Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks$22.34K$7.70K$14.63K  
First Financial Bankshares IncRegional - Southwest Banks$9.43K--$9.43K  
United Bancorp Inc /oh/Regional - Midwest Banks$9.18K--$9.18K  
Citizens Community Bancorp Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks--($9.03K)$9.03K  
West Bancorporation IncRegional - Southwest Banks$8.79K--$8.79K  
Capitol Federal Financial, Inc.Savings & Loans--($8.12K)$8.12K  
Codorus Valley Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks$8.05K--$8.05K  
Ohio Valley Banc CorpRegional - Midwest Banks$6.56K--$6.56K  
Lcnb CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$6.28K--$6.28K  
S&w Seed CoForeign Money Center Banks--($5.98K)$5.98K  
First United Corp/md/Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$5.94K--$5.94K  
Pinnacle Financial Partners IncRegional - Southeast Banks--($5.48K)$5.48K  
American River BanksharesRegional - Pacific Banks$4.71K--$4.71K  
Oak Valley BancorpRegional - Pacific Banks$3.79K--$3.79K  
Stewardship Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$5.00K$2.40K$2.60K  
Farmers National Banc Corp /oh/Regional - Midwest Banks$13.07K$10.59K$2.48K  
First Northern Community BancorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($2.12K)$2.12K  
Magyar Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks$1.18K--$1.18K  
Auburn National Bancorporation, IncRegional - Southeast Banks$7.06K$5.99K$1.06K  
Carolina Trust Bancshares, Inc.Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$0.91K--$0.91K  
Colony Bankcorp IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$0.49K--$0.49K  
Fauquier Bankshares, Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks$0.44K--$0.44K  
United Security BancsharesRegional - Pacific Banks------
Severn Bancorp IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Eagle Financial Services IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Smartfinancial Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks------
Central Federal CorpSavings & Loans------
Commerce Bancshares Inc /mo/Regional - Southwest Banks------
Peoples Financial Corp /ms/Regional - Northeast Banks------
Home Federal Bancorp, Inc. Of LouisianaSavings & Loans------
MacKinac Financial Corp /mi/Regional - Southwest Banks------
At Home Group Inc.Foreign Regional Banks------
First Bancshares Inc /ms/Regional - Southeast Banks------
First Horizon National CorpRegional - Southeast Banks------
First Commonwealth Financial Corp /pa/Regional - Northeast Banks------