Insider Sentiment Summary: Banking

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Number of records: 233
CompanyIndustryLast Net Buy AmountPrevious Net Buy AmountChange
Independent Bank Group, Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks--($7.14M)$7.14M  
Lendingtree, Inc.Savings & Loans--($4.55M)$4.55M  
Investors Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans--($1.92M)$1.92M  
Pacific Premier Bancorp IncRegional - Pacific Banks--($1.49M)$1.49M  
Trico Bancshares /Regional - Pacific Banks--($1.47M)$1.47M  
Northern Trust CorpRegional - Midwest Banks$201.38K($1.06M)$1.26M  
Glacier Bancorp IncRegional - Pacific Banks--($1.02M)$1.02M  
Columbia Banking System, Inc.Savings & Loans$699.94K($122.04K)$821.98K  
Stock Yards Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks$14.48K($669.39K)$683.87K  
United Financial Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks$335.68K($342.64K)$678.32K  
Tcf Financial CorpMoney Center Banks--($677.93K)$677.93K  
Northfield Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--($615.27K)$615.27K  
Southern First Bancshares IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--($599.75K)$599.75K  
First Busey Corp /nv/Regional - Midwest Banks$15.10K($411.78K)$426.88K  
M&t Bank CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$330.79K($73.73K)$404.52K  
Regions Financial CorpRegional - Southeast Banks$392.36K--$392.36K  
Brookline Bancorp IncSavings & Loans--($389.29K)$389.29K  
First Merchants CorpRegional - Midwest Banks$166.43K($180.36K)$346.79K  
Citigroup IncMoney Center Banks$336.34K--$336.34K  
Fidelity D & D Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks--($314.00K)$314.00K  
Sandy Spring Bancorp IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$284.99K--$284.99K  
Provident Financial Services IncSavings & Loans--($277.66K)$277.66K  
Truecar, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks($34.21K)($304.26K)$270.05K  
Landmark Bancorp IncRegional - Southwest Banks($184.90K)($448.04K)$263.14K  
Keycorp /new/Money Center Banks--($225.05K)$225.05K  
Territorial Bancorp Inc.Regional - Pacific Banks--($222.19K)$222.19K  
Meta Financial Group IncSavings & Loans($2.54M)($2.74M)$193.90K  
Univest Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($173.95K)$173.95K  
Bryn Mawr Bank CorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($167.07K)$167.07K  
Republic Bancorp Inc /ky/Regional - Southeast Banks$62.84K($95.77K)$158.62K  
Renasant CorpRegional - Southeast Banks--($146.12K)$146.12K  
Pinnacle Financial Partners IncRegional - Southeast Banks--($140.39K)$140.39K  
Fncb Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks$135.27K$0.25K$135.02K  
Mutualfirst Financial IncRegional - Midwest Banks--($122.55K)$122.55K  
Unity Bancorp Inc /nj/Money Center Banks--($120.29K)$120.29K  
County Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans$105.34K--$105.34K  
Peoples Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks$31.45K($69.68K)$101.13K  
Huntington Bancshares Inc/mdRegional - Midwest Banks$20.88($99.98K)$100.00K  
Fifth Third BancorpRegional - Midwest Banks--($99.11K)$99.11K  
Hometrust Bancshares, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--($98.80K)$98.80K  
American National Bankshares Inc.Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$149.87K$51.08K$98.79K  
First United Corp/md/Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$100.00K$9.00K$91.00K  
Parke Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--($86.08K)$86.08K  
German American Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks$85.02K$3.51K$81.51K  
Evans Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks--($79.24K)$79.24K  
Sb One BancorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($75.37K)$75.37K  
Kearny Financial Corp.Savings & Loans--($73.19K)$73.19K  
Bok Financial Corp Et AlRegional - Southwest Banks$72.75K--$72.75K  
Trustco Bank Corp N YRegional - Northeast Banks$11.92K($58.90K)$70.83K  
First Midwest Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks$68.79K--$68.79K  
Msb Financial CorpSavings & Loans--($68.10K)$68.10K  
Hancock Whitney CorpRegional - Southeast Banks$21.94K($45.24K)$67.17K  
Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans$65.78K--$65.78K  
Waterstone Financial, Inc.Savings & Loans--($59.76K)$59.76K  
Century Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks$711.50K$655.39K$56.11K  
Home Federal Bancorp, Inc. Of LouisianaSavings & Loans--($51.00K)$51.00K  
Plumas BancorpRegional - Pacific Banks$49.82K--$49.82K  
Timberland Bancorp IncSavings & Loans--($48.72K)$48.72K  
United Community Financial CorpSavings & Loans--($46.88K)$46.88K  
First Business Financial Services, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks--($46.21K)$46.21K  
Dnb Financial Corp /pa/Regional - Pacific Banks$43.65K--$43.65K  
First Financial Bancorp /oh/Regional - Midwest Banks$43.11K--$43.11K  
Bank Of Commerce HoldingsRegional - Pacific Banks$42.40K--$42.40K  
Bank Of Marin BancorpRegional - Pacific Banks$41.00K--$41.00K  
Limestone Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks--($37.93K)$37.93K  
Svb Financial GroupRegional - Pacific Banks($44.81K)($81.30K)$36.49K  
Midwestone Financial Group, Inc.Regional - Southwest Banks--($35.89K)$35.89K  
Washington Federal IncSavings & Loans$34.01K--$34.01K  
Mid Penn Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks$33.33K--$33.33K  
Sterling BancorpSavings & Loans--($31.58K)$31.58K  
Cvb Financial CorpRegional - Pacific Banks($14.10K)($45.13K)$31.04K  
Investar Holding CorpRegional - Southwest Banks--($29.43K)$29.43K  
Heritage Financial Corp /wa/Regional - Pacific Banks--($28.55K)$28.55K  
Seacoast Banking Corp Of FloridaRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$25.28K--$25.28K  
Farmers National Banc Corp /oh/Regional - Midwest Banks$10.38K($14.43K)$24.81K  
People's United Financial, Inc.Savings & Loans--($22.76K)$22.76K  
Southside Bancshares IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--($22.71K)$22.71K  
Independent Bank Corp /mi/Regional - Midwest Banks$15.73K--$15.73K  
Arrow Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($11.48K)$11.48K  
Centerstate Bank CorpRegional - Southeast Banks--($9.70K)$9.70K  
Bankwell Financial Group, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--($8.98K)$8.98K  
National Bankshares IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$10.76K$2.24K$8.52K  
Citizens Community Bancorp Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks--($7.94K)$7.94K  
Community Trust Bancorp Inc /ky/Regional - Southeast Banks$7.92K--$7.92K  
Great Southern Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Southwest Banks$7.27K--$7.27K  
Citizens & Northern CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$16.62K$10.05K$6.57K  
Qcr Holdings IncRegional - Southwest Banks$6.55K--$6.55K  
Old Second Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks--($6.35K)$6.35K  
Auburn National Bancorporation, IncRegional - Southeast Banks$6.19K--$6.19K  
Emclaire Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$3.14K--$3.14K  
Franklin Financial Services Corp /pa/Regional - Northeast Banks$1.41K$0.16K$1.25K  
First Bancorp, Inc /me/Regional - Northeast Banks--($0.10K)$0.10K  
United Security BancsharesRegional - Pacific Banks------
Eagle Financial Services IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Comerica Inc /new/Regional - Midwest Banks------
Commerce Bancshares Inc /mo/Regional - Southwest Banks------
Bay Banks Of Virginia IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Pacific Mercantile BancorpRegional - Pacific Banks------
Oceanfirst Financial CorpSavings & Loans------
Lakeland Financial CorpRegional - Midwest Banks------