Insider Sentiment Summary: Banking

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Number of records: 299
CompanyIndustryLast Net Buy AmountPrevious Net Buy AmountChange
Jpmorgan Chase & CoMoney Center Banks($677.34K)($72.29M)$71.61M  
Customers Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--($67.61M)$67.61M  
Pinnacle Financial Partners IncRegional - Southeast Banks--($29.89M)$29.89M  
Cullen/frost Bankers, Inc.Regional - Southwest Banks--($21.25M)$21.25M  
Svb Financial GroupRegional - Pacific Banks--($20.29M)$20.29M  
Live Oak Bancshares, Inc.Savings & Loans--($17.51M)$17.51M  
Triumph Financial, Inc.Regional - Southwest Banks--($14.93M)$14.93M  
Us Bancorp \de\Regional - Midwest Banks--($13.82M)$13.82M  
Umb Financial CorpRegional - Southwest Banks--($13.18M)$13.18M  
Truist Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--($12.67M)$12.67M  
Citigroup IncMoney Center Banks--($12.63M)$12.63M  
Northern Trust CorpRegional - Midwest Banks--($12.62M)$12.62M  
Huntington Bancshares Inc /md/Regional - Midwest Banks($2.26M)($14.58M)$12.33M  
Lendingtree, Inc.Savings & Loans--($10.18M)$10.18M  
State Street CorpRegional - Northeast Banks($1.25M)($11.36M)$10.11M  
Bank Of New York Mellon CorpMoney Center Banks--($9.46M)$9.46M  
Tfs Financial CorpRegional - Midwest Banks--($8.79M)$8.79M  
Synovus Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--($8.67M)$8.67M  
Webster Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($6.69M)$6.69M  
Pacific Mercantile BancorpRegional - Pacific Banks--($6.40M)$6.40M  
Popular, Inc.Foreign Regional Banks--($6.33M)$6.33M  
Wsfs Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks($46.02K)($5.80M)$5.76M  
Veritex Holdings, Inc.Regional - Southwest Banks--($5.63M)$5.63M  
Fnb Corp/pa/Regional - Southeast Banks$5.74M$669.25K$5.07M  
Bank Of Hawaii CorpRegional - Pacific Banks--($4.81M)$4.81M  
Fifth Third BancorpRegional - Midwest Banks--($4.80M)$4.80M  
Independent Bank Group, Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks--($4.28M)$4.28M  
Stock Yards Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks$103.63K($3.77M)$3.88M  
Connectone Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--($3.51M)$3.51M  
Banner CorpSavings & Loans$4.25M$748.87K$3.50M  
Hometrust Bancshares, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks($679.29K)($3.77M)$3.09M  
Pacific Premier Bancorp IncRegional - Pacific Banks--($2.90M)$2.90M  
Meta Financial Group IncSavings & Loans--($2.81M)$2.81M  
M&t Bank CorpRegional - Northeast Banks($377.10K)($3.03M)$2.65M  
Parke Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks($321.99K)($2.94M)$2.62M  
Investors Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans--($2.27M)$2.27M  
Meridian Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans--($2.26M)$2.26M  
Tristate Capital Holdings, Inc.Money Center Banks--($2.24M)$2.24M  
Mr. Cooper Group Inc.Savings & Loans($3.97M)($5.72M)$1.75M  
Wafd IncSavings & Loans$4.10M$2.38M$1.71M  
Nbt Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks($5.02K)($1.56M)$1.55M  
Lakeland Financial CorpRegional - Midwest Banks($4.37M)($5.88M)$1.51M  
Independent Bank CorpRegional - Northeast Banks($265.00K)($1.63M)$1.36M  
Seacoast Banking Corp Of FloridaRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$1.32M--$1.32M  
Wesbanco IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks($237.76K)($1.53M)$1.29M  
Trico Bancshares /Regional - Pacific Banks--($1.10M)$1.10M  
Trustco Bank Corp N YRegional - Northeast Banks$774.15K($306.57K)$1.08M  
Kearny Financial Corp.Savings & Loans--($1.06M)$1.06M  
Premier Financial CorpSavings & Loans($29.29K)($1.08M)$1.05M  
People's United Financial, Inc.Savings & Loans--($1.04M)$1.04M  
Waterstone Financial, Inc.Savings & Loans--($995.86K)$995.86K  
First Financial Bankshares IncRegional - Southwest Banks$999.09K$49.02K$950.07K  
Bank Of Marin BancorpRegional - Pacific Banks--($938.65K)$938.65K  
Smartfinancial Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks$296.73K($635.33K)$932.06K  
Sandy Spring Bancorp IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--($925.05K)$925.05K  
Community Bank System, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--($887.37K)$887.37K  
First Foundation Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks--($874.18K)$874.18K  
Provident Financial Services IncSavings & Loans($109.72K)($981.49K)$871.78K  
Washington Trust Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks--($870.79K)$870.79K  
Unity Bancorp Inc /nj/Money Center Banks$1.10M$225.97K$870.17K  
Midwestone Financial Group, Inc.Regional - Southwest Banks$833.57K($5.25K)$838.82K  
Fs Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Pacific Banks($14.24K)($850.46K)$836.21K  
First Midwest Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks--($728.34K)$728.34K  
City Holding CoRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$9.28K($714.91K)$724.19K  
Truecar, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks--($723.84K)$723.84K  
Southside Bancshares IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks($36.40K)($759.26K)$722.86K  
Heritage Commerce CorpRegional - Pacific Banks($288.90K)($956.49K)$667.58K  
National Bank Holdings CorpRegional - Midwest Banks$82.64K($548.42K)$631.06K  
Central Pacific Financial CorpRegional - Pacific Banks--($626.47K)$626.47K  
United Bancorp Inc /oh/Regional - Midwest Banks--($625.36K)$625.36K  
Cvb Financial CorpRegional - Pacific Banks($455.09K)($1.07M)$617.29K  
Bryn Mawr Bank CorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($603.66K)$603.66K  
C & F Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks($147.95K)($746.50K)$598.55K  
Southern First Bancshares IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--($571.85K)$571.85K  
Ameris BancorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks($462.69K)($1.03M)$562.43K  
1st Constitution BancorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($517.70K)$517.70K  
Qnb CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$481.87K--$481.87K  
United Bancshares Inc/ohMoney Center Banks--($449.15K)$449.15K  
Northwest Bancshares, Inc.Savings & Loans($55.01K)($501.76K)$446.75K  
Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc.Regional - Pacific Banks--($445.58K)$445.58K  
Bank Of Commerce HoldingsRegional - Pacific Banks--($430.19K)$430.19K  
Lcnb CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$568.20K$168.56K$399.65K  
Ocwen Financial CorpSavings & Loans--($398.73K)$398.73K  
Northfield Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--($393.12K)$393.12K  
Old Second Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks$88.36K($303.57K)$391.93K  
Community Trust Bancorp Inc /ky/Regional - Southeast Banks$540.93K$151.99K$388.93K  
Banc Of California, Inc.Regional - Pacific Banks--($370.36K)$370.36K  
Capitol Federal Financial, Inc.Savings & Loans--($359.90K)$359.90K  
Chemung Financial CorpRegional - Pacific Banks$854.68K$513.36K$341.32K  
Orrstown Financial Services IncRegional - Northeast Banks($5.08K)($344.86K)$339.78K  
Homestreet, Inc.Money Center Banks--($331.79K)$331.79K  
First Horizon CorpRegional - Southeast Banks$3.08M$2.74M$331.34K  
Peoples Financial Corp /ms/Regional - Northeast Banks$324.31K--$324.31K  
Oconee Federal Financial Corp.Savings & Loans($8.99K)($321.06K)$312.07K  
Bok Financial CorpRegional - Southwest Banks$377.94K$78.09K$299.85K  
Cortland Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks--($298.18K)$298.18K  
Flushing Financial CorpSavings & Loans--($294.20K)$294.20K  
Landmark Bancorp IncRegional - Southwest Banks--($288.42K)$288.42K  
Brookline Bancorp IncSavings & Loans--($282.49K)$282.49K  
Magyar Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks$307.56K$28.56K$279.00K