Insider Sentiment Summary: Banking

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Number of records: 389
CompanyIndustryLast Net Buy AmountPrevious Net Buy AmountChange
Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans$7.66K($166.03K)$173.69K  
Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc.Regional - Pacific Banks($26.71K)($198.99K)$172.29K  
1st Constitution BancorpRegional - Northeast Banks$151.49K($4.57K)$156.06K  
Greene County Bancorp IncSavings & Loans$207.10K$56.72K$150.38K  
First National Corp /va/Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$13.61K($132.25K)$145.86K  
Northrim Bancorp IncRegional - Pacific Banks$374.78K$231.98K$142.80K  
Western New England Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks($442.34K)($583.56K)$141.22K  
Umb Financial CorpRegional - Southwest Banks($5.75M)($5.89M)$137.96K  
Royal Bancshares Of Pennsylvania IncRegional - Northeast Banks--($133.49K)$133.49K  
Equitable Financial Corp.Savings & Loans$109.69K($17.13K)$126.82K  
Ameriserv Financial Inc /pa/Regional - Northeast Banks$285.68K$175.37K$110.32K  
Bank Of The James Financial Group IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$380.06K$286.61K$93.44K  
First Us Bancshares IncRegional - Southeast Banks$167.47K$82.18K$85.29K  
Qnb CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$74.22K--$74.22K  
First Business Financial Services, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks($189.52K)($260.96K)$71.45K  
Arrow Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks($971.21K)($1.04M)$70.43K  
Kearny Financial Corp.Savings & Loans($1.54M)($1.60M)$62.02K  
United Community BancorpSavings & Loans--($56.10K)$56.10K  
Century Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks$5.18M$5.12M$53.52K  
West End Indiana Bancshares, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks($31.97K)($84.82K)$52.85K  
Capitol Federal Financial, Inc.Savings & Loans$210.99K$164.57K$46.42K  
Melrose Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks($37.14K)($79.69K)$42.55K  
Fauquier Bankshares, Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks$77.61K$36.08K$41.53K  
Civista Bancshares, Inc.Regional - Pacific Banks$59.99K$28.56K$31.43K  
Cnb Financial Corp/paRegional - Northeast Banks$55.43K$27.84K$27.59K  
Glen Burnie BancorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$26.61K$2.56K$24.06K  
Ottawa Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks$6.51K($17.28K)$23.80K  
Community West Bancshares /Regional - Pacific Banks($663.84K)($687.26K)$23.42K  
Fulton Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$22.98K--$22.98K  
Stewardship Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks$13.62K($8.30K)$21.91K  
Kentucky First Federal BancorpSavings & Loans--($21.52K)$21.52K  
Carver Bancorp IncSavings & Loans$19.72K--$19.72K  
First Northwest BancorpSavings & Loans($132.73K)($147.39K)$14.65K  
First Keystone CorpRegional - Northeast Banks--($10.92K)$10.92K  
First Financial Corp /in/Regional - Midwest Banks$8.66K--$8.66K  
Lake Shore Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans$4.71K($3.42K)$8.14K  
Republic First Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks$15.10K$8.42K$6.68K  
United Bancorp Inc /oh/Regional - Midwest Banks$20.50K$15.45K$5.05K  
Magyar Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks$17.45K$15.08K$2.37K  
Commerce Bancshares Inc /mo/Regional - Southwest Banks------
Bay Banks Of Virginia IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Mainsource Financial GroupRegional - Midwest Banks------
Hcsb Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Four Oaks Fincorp IncRegional - Southeast Banks------
Ben Franklin Financial, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks------
Southwest Georgia Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Fsb Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks------
Southwest Bancorp IncSavings & Loans------
Hills BancorporationRegional - Midwest Banks------
Cu BancorpRegional - Pacific Banks------
Tower Bancorp IncRegional - Northeast Banks------
Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans------
Csb Bancorp Inc /ohRegional - Midwest Banks------
Old Point Financial CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Mb Bancorp IncSavings & Loans------
Northwest Indiana BancorpSavings & Loans------
First South Bancorp Inc /va/Savings & Loans------
First Bancorp /nc/Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Anchor BancorpSavings & Loans------
Citizens Holding Co /ms/Regional - Northeast Banks------
Elah Holdings, Inc.Regional - Pacific Banks------
Juniata Valley Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks------
Sunshine Financial, Inc.Regional - Southeast Banks------
Privatebancorp, IncRegional - Midwest Banks------
Pacific Continental CorpRegional - Pacific Banks------
Sbt Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks------
Delanco Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks------
Community Bancorp /vtRegional - Northeast Banks------
Ames National CorpRegional - Northeast Banks------
First Community Financial Partners, Inc.Regional - Midwest Banks------
Bay Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Virginia National Bankshares CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks------
Security Federal CorpSavings & Loans------
If Bancorp, Inc.Savings & Loans$8.08K$11.05K($2.97K)  
F&m Bank CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--$3.04K($3.04K)  
MacKinac Financial Corp /mi/Regional - Southwest Banks($80.27K)($76.83K)($3.44K)  
Eagle Financial Services IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks--$4.42K($4.42K)  
Consumers Bancorp Inc /oh/Savings & Loans--$5.67K($5.67K)  
Central Federal CorpSavings & Loans$123.76K$135.49K($11.73K)  
Timberland Bancorp IncSavings & Loans($472.26K)($458.49K)($13.77K)  
Wvs Financial CorpSavings & Loans--$15.10K($15.10K)  
First Northern Community BancorpRegional - Northeast Banks($15.43K)--($15.43K)  
Kentucky Bancshares Inc /ky/Savings & Loans($16.25K)--($16.25K)  
Enb Financial CorpRegional - Northeast Banks--$18.26K($18.26K)  
Peoples Financial Corp /ms/Regional - Northeast Banks$83.56K$103.23K($19.67K)  
Mw Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--$23.65K($23.65K)  
Severn Bancorp IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$8.86K$43.51K($34.65K)  
Westbury Bancorp, Inc.Regional - Northeast Banks--$42.17K($42.17K)  
United Bancshares Inc/ohMoney Center Banks$38.94K$82.03K($43.09K)  
Peoples Bancorp Of North Carolina IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks($53.34K)($4.44K)($48.90K)  
State Bank Financial CorpMoney Center Banks($235.62K)($185.89K)($49.73K)  
First Bancorp, Inc /me/Regional - Northeast Banks($265.20K)($198.64K)($66.55K)  
Simmons First National CorpRegional - Southeast Banks($81.64K)--($81.64K)  
Cortland Bancorp IncRegional - Midwest Banks$84.39K$166.68K($82.29K)  
Southern National Bancorp Of Virginia IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$352.73K$442.57K($89.84K)  
Summit Financial Group IncRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks($510.47K)($416.68K)($93.79K)  
Hopfed Bancorp IncSavings & Loans--$95.51K($95.51K)  
Bank Of South Carolina CorpRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks$357.39K$464.10K($106.71K)  
Atlantic Coast Financial CorpRegional - Southeast Banks--$110.99K($110.99K)  
Entegra Financial Corp.Regional - Southeast Banks--$111.25K($111.25K)