Trades reported on 15-Apr-19
Number of records: 6
15-Apr-19 4:31 PMScpharmaceuticals Inc. (SCPH) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:11-Apr-19$2.70389,862$1,052,627.38(2%)6%
(33 decisions)
15-Apr-19 4:25 PMCerulean Pharma Inc. (DARE) DrugsBiotechnologyInsider Trading Sentiment:11-Apr-19$1.10454,545$499,999.50(4%)(12%)
(8 decisions)
15-Apr-19 4:31 PMMen's Wearhouse Inc. (TLRD) RetailApparel StoresInsider Trading Sentiment:12-Apr-19$7.4113,500$100,035.00< 1%0%
(1 decisions)
15-Apr-19 6:09 AMOpko Health, Inc. (OPK) DrugsDrug Manufacturers - OtherInsider Trading Sentiment:12-Apr-19$2.5020,000$49,994.00(< 1%)8%
(262 decisions)
15-Apr-19 8:10 PMUltra Petroleum Corp. (UPLC) EnergyIndependent Oil & GasInsider Trading Sentiment:11-Apr-19$0.5580,000$44,184.002%0%
(1 decisions)
15-Apr-19 2:01 PMBallantyne of Omaha Inc. (BTN) Consumer DurablesPhotographic Equipment & SuppliesInsider Trading Sentiment:12-Apr-19$2.1316,192$34,455.77(4%)4%
(37 decisions)