Trades reported on 22-May-17
Number of records: 7
22-May-17 5:41 PMSuncoke Energy Partners, L.P. (SXCP) Metals and MiningNonmetallic Mineral MiningInsider Trading Sentiment:22-May-17$16.41114,990$1,886,890.12(2%)(5%)
(8 decisions)
22-May-17 12:23 PMSpark Energy, Inc. (SPKE) UtilitiesElectric UtilitiesInsider Trading Sentiment:19-May-17$38.207,195$274,849.00< 1%8%
(11 decisions)
22-May-17 6:08 PMDelek Logistics Partners, Lp (DKL) EnergyIndependent Oil & GasInsider Trading Sentiment:22-May-17$30.993,443$106,687.59(< 1%)3%
(7 decisions)
22-May-17 4:45 PMFarmland Partners Inc. (FPI) Real EstateReal Estate DevelopmentInsider Trading Sentiment:18-May-17$9.614,000$38,440.001%< 1%
(7 decisions)
22-May-17 11:33 AMViper Energy Partners LP (VNOM) EnergyIndependent Oil & GasInsider Trading Sentiment:18-May-17$17.711,328$23,518.482%4%
(10 decisions)
22-May-17 4:05 PMMartin Midstream Partners LP (MMLP) EnergyIndependent Oil & GasInsider Trading Sentiment:19-May-17$19.08631$12,056.39(3%)6%
(256 decisions)
22-May-17 2:50 PMTortoise Capital Resources ... (CORR) Financial ServicesDiversified InvestmentsInsider Trading Sentiment:17-May-17$34.72200$6,944.004%26%
(38 decisions)