Trades reported from 19-Mar-21 to 20-Mar-21
Number of records: 8
19-Mar-21 9:21 AMRedball Acquisition Corp. (RBAC) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:16-Mar-21$10.50178,588$1,875,174.004%3%
(53 decisions)
19-Mar-21 4:37 PMBigcommerce Holdings, Inc. (BIGC) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Mar-21$54.929,365$514,308.250%0%
(5 decisions)
19-Mar-21 3:42 PMOne Liberty Properties Inc. (OLP) Real EstateREIT - RetailInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Mar-21$23.6410,000$236,370.029%3%
(16 decisions)
19-Mar-21 1:50 PMNew Jersey Resources Corp. (NJR) UtilitiesGas UtilitiesInsider Trading Sentiment:19-Mar-21$40.165,580$224,092.80< 1%(1%)
(9 decisions)
19-Mar-21 5:53 PMOutset Medical, Inc. (OM) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Mar-21$47.713,500$166,977.420%0%
(6 decisions)
19-Mar-21 9:21 AMHelbiz, Inc. (GRNV) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Mar-21$10.3111,092$114,307.571%3%
(53 decisions)
19-Mar-21 12:32 PMGreif Inc. (GEF) Consumer DurablesPackaging & ContainersInsider Trading Sentiment:10-Mar-21$57.301,500$85,950.00(< 1%)0%
(1 decisions)
19-Mar-21 9:21 AMTastemaker Acquisition Corp. (TMKRU) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:17-Mar-21$10.203,500$35,700.00< 1%3%
(53 decisions)