Trades reported from 02-Dec-22 to 04-Dec-22
Number of records: 7
02-Dec-22 5:23 PMMidWest One Financial Group... (MOFG) BankingRegional - Southwest BanksInsider Trading Sentiment:02-Dec-22$34.481,483$51,127.85(4%)< 1%
(3 decisions)
02-Dec-22 3:50 PMRGC Resources Inc. (RGCO) UtilitiesGas UtilitiesInsider Trading Sentiment:01-Dec-22$24.1129$699.99(3%)0%
(32 decisions)
02-Dec-22 4:35 PMBRT Realty Trust (BRT) Real EstateMortgage InvestmentInsider Trading Sentiment:30-Nov-22$20.144,626$93,160.526%15%
(35 decisions)
02-Dec-22 4:27 PMPathfinder Bancorp, Inc. (PBHC) BankingSavings & LoansInsider Trading Sentiment:02-Dec-22$18.481,000$18,480.00(7%)< 1%
(17 decisions)
02-Dec-22 9:56 AMDonegal Group Inc (DGICA) InsuranceProperty & Casualty InsuranceInsider Trading Sentiment:01-Dec-22$15.0088,791$1,331,835.38(2%)(3%)
(51 decisions)
02-Dec-22 9:29 AMImmersion Corp. (IMMR) Computer HardwareComputer PeripheralsInsider Trading Sentiment:01-Dec-22$7.2920,000$145,800.00< 1%(8%)
(5 decisions)
02-Dec-22 3:04 PMRELM Wireless Corp. (BKTI) Consumer DurablesElectronic EquipmentInsider Trading Sentiment:01-Dec-22$2.9012,500$36,250.003%0%
(2 decisions)