Trades reported from 18-Jan-19 to 20-Jan-19
Number of records: 6
18-Jan-19 8:38 PMAptinyx Inc. (APTX) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:18-Jan-19$5.4510,000$54,500.003%0%
(1 decisions)
18-Jan-19 10:23 AMTriangle Capital Corporation (BBDC) Financial ServicesCredit ServicesInsider Trading Sentiment:17-Jan-19$9.6855,600$538,308.061%0%
(5 decisions)
18-Jan-19 4:04 PMChristopher & Banks Corp. (CBKC) RetailApparel StoresInsider Trading Sentiment:17-Jan-19$0.62154,714$95,974.33(5%)1%
(5 decisions)
18-Jan-19 5:56 PMFs Kkr Capital Corp (FSK) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:17-Jan-19$5.8855,000$323,245.00(< 1%)0%
(4 decisions)
18-Jan-19 10:16 AMNew America High Income Fun... (HYB) OtherOtherInsider Trading Sentiment:17-Jan-19$8.0440,093$322,347.69(< 1%)14%
(27 decisions)
18-Jan-19 6:55 AMOpko Health, Inc. (OPK) DrugsDrug Manufacturers - OtherInsider Trading Sentiment:17-Jan-19$3.6715,000$55,030.50(22%)8%
(261 decisions)